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About AboutVideoEditing.com

The name tells you what this site is all about. It is a one-stop information web site about digital or desktop video editing. With today's lightning fast desktop computer and other related technology available, it would be rather pointless to talk about traditional, deck-to-deck video editing any more. So, I just focus on digital/desktop video editing.

It all started from a chat with my brother-in-law.

I'm a professional video editor and production manager in Singapore. I've been working in film/TV industry for 7 years after acquiring my Master's Degree in film/TV making. For me, video editing is my bread and butter, something too natural to give a second think two years ago.

At the Christmas party 2 years ago, my brother-in-law asked me: "Can you put all those DV tapes into one short video that I can showoff to them in a better way?"

Sure, it was a piece of cake for me. I do video editing for my living.

It caused me to think further.

Actually my brother-in-law had all the resources to edit digital videos. High end computer, DV camcorder, technical backgroud, even a video capture card. The only missing part is the knowledge, or information, to put everything together and take action.

So I started this web site hoping to provide easy-to-understand information that will help those who're wondering if they can edit their own videos to take action.

Although it takes time and training to be a professional video editor, creating a satisfying video is not that difficult. The feeling of watching your own video is fantastic.

So surf around and take action!

Zac SG

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