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Video Editing Tutorials, Techniques & Tips

This video editing tutorial was the draft of a video editing course ebook I planned to sell a few years ago. However I do not think I can finish it due to personal reasons. Here I publish it as series articles.

You can find video editing basics, tips and techniques including cutting and montage, story telling, use of color, multi-layering and compositing, sound and audio editing, special video effects and animation, etc.

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Table of Content

Video Editing Glossary & Terms

180° Line
Video Capture or Digitize
Video Footage & Video Clip
Continuity Editing
Cut, Jump Cut & Cutaway
Cut Off
Video Frames
Log Sheet or Movie Shot List
Film & Video Montage
Video Shot & Take
Sequence & Movie Scene
Time Code
Video Transitions
Dissolve, Wipe, Fade
Tracking Shot
Pan, Tilt, Zoom
Close up & Extreme close up
Long shot
Medium Shot
Two Shot
Video Editor

Editor's role in video production

1. Choose appropriate shots
2. Correct mistakes
3. Realize the script and make it smooth
4. Arrange the sequence in the most suitable way
5. Create the correct pace
6. Add special effects
7. Sound

Principle of Video Editing

1. Continuity
2. Make the edit invisible
3. There should be a motivation for every edit
4. Always deliver a certain message
5. Bear audio in mind
6. Editing is creating
7. Donít overuse technique or visual effect

180 degree line

1. Purpose of this rule
2. Several different situations
3. Find a way to cross the line
4. Cross the line without a bridge

The cut

1. Always cut with motivation or a reason
2. Cut at the accurate point
3. Montage & montage sequence
4. Jump cut
5. Pace
6. Practical tips


1. Dissolve
2. Fade in and fade out
3. Wipe

Manipulating screen time

1. Real time versus screen time
2. Story telling
3. Time compression
4. Time expansion
5. Itís not only about time


1. General color correction
2. Color correcting old footages
3. Black and white
4. Negative image
5. Emphasize main object
6. Color block
7. Trend of color using

Multi-layering & compositing

Special effects

1. Keying & blue screen
2. Lighting
3. Morphing
4. Filters
5. About plug-ins



1. Sound and visual are mutual partners
2. How sound contribute to your video
3. Different visual-audio relationship
4. Different kinds of sound elements
5. Sweetening sound clip
6. Mixing

Text & Line


1. Traditional story-telling
2. Music video
3. Between the two extremes
4. Your own style

Break the rules

1. Reasons to break the rules
2. How to break
3. Whereís the bottom line

Types of Video

1. Music Video
2. Corporate Video
3. TV Commercials
4. Home Video
5. Wedding Video
6. TV Drama
7. Stage Show
8. Documentary Video
9. Showreel & Demo Reel
10. Online/Web Video

Final Words


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