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Free Video Editing Software Download

Below is a list of what I think are the most useful free video editing software and video related software downloads on the Internet. I only list the links to respective free trial or demo versions. Try them out.

Most video capture cards come with some editing software. So, if you really like the trial or demo versions, I suggest you go to Hardware Guide and look for an appropriate capture card package bundled with the software you want.

For more information about these software, visit Software Reviews.

If you have any suggestions of products you think we should add to this list, please email to us.

Adobe Premiere 6 Tryout

Adobe Premiere 6.0 software delivers an essential set of tools for creating video for the Web, DVD, CD-ROM, and videotape. Tryout version expires 30 days after install.

Adobe After Effects 5.5 Tryout

Adobe After Effects 5.5 software provides complete creative control so you can efficiently produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web.

Adobe Photoshop 6 Tryout

Delivering the broadest and most productive toolset available, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 helps you explore your creativity, work at peak efficiency, and achieve the highest quality results across all media. You can't save, export, or print artwork with this trial version. Although not a video editing software, it is very useful for video editors.

AIST MoviePack 3 Demo

Demos of MoviePack 3 , Movie3D, Movie3D one, MovieXone 4.0, as well as updates and patches for the full version.

Boris Demos

Get access to the latest Boris Factory, AE, Continuum, Graffiti, FX, and RED demos for Mac and Windows. Newest demos are fully functioning, but will not render out your project. Some of older demos will plug into your host and render out with an "x" in the center of your project. You can also request a free demo CD mailed to you.

MGI Trial Versions

Try out VideoWave (currently not available), as well as MGI's still image manipulation software.

RealSystem Producer Basic

RealSystem Producer Basic is a free version that allows you to easily convert most kinds of audio and video to RealMedia formats ready to be streamed over the Internet or corporate intranet to millions of RealPlayer users.

Sonic Foundry Trial Versions and Demos

Demos unlimited time, limited function demos for ACID Music 3.0, ACID PRO 3.0, ACID Techno 3.0, Sound Forge 6.0, Vegas Video Plug-In Pack, Vegas Video 3.0, Vegas Video LE 3.0, VideoFactory 2.0 and others.

Sonic Solutions Test Drive

Try out DVDit! SE.

Ulead Trial Versions

Download free trial versions of Ulead products including VideoStudio6, MediaStudio Pro6.5, Ulead COOL 3D 3.5 and others. Trial versions are fully-functioning for up to 30 days, and are an excellent, zero-cost way to see which product is best for you.

Windows Media-related Downloads

All of downloads for Windows Media Technologies, third-party tools, software, and updates.

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