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Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7

Digital / desktop nonlinear video editing software: Ulead MediaStudioUlead® MediaStudio Pro 7 is a complete Digital Video Suite, offering Real-time MPEG capture, Real-time preview, as well as Real-time output! The inclusion of tools for video painting, CG graphics, audio editing and DVD authoring makes this your solution for powerful content creation - for broadcast, tape, DVD or the Web.

Complete Digital Suite

Video Scan/Capture
Scan and log your tapes at 10x speed to create a DV Album thumbnail index. Perform space-saving batch captures from DV and D8 camcorders or decks. Import analog video from Betacam, VCRs, TV or a multitude of other sources

Video Editor
The professional timeline-based Video Editor brings together all the components of your video project. Communicate your vision effectively with powerful editing and titling features, real-time audio mixing tools and an extensive library of video filters, motion paths and transitions

Audio Editor
Professional audio filters and enhancements let you make adjustments in real-time, with pro-level effects and controls

CG Infinity
The fully-integrated, vector-based motion graphics generator creates graphics, animated titles, rolling credits, and video overlays to enhance your productions

Video Paint
The powerful compositing and rotoscoping tool helps you fix, retouch and adjust your material across a range of frames, as well as create special effects, paint freehand over video, and much more

DVD Authoring
MediaStudio Pro includes a full-featured authoring tool to output your video as DVD discs. Create DVD projects complete with scene selection menus, navigation buttons and intro videos. You can also burn VCD, SVCD and miniDVD discs

Real-time Performance

Real-time MPEG Capture
Capture directly to MPEG-1 or DVD-ready MPEG-2 from analog and DV sources to save time and disk space

Real-time Preview
No more waiting for a sequence to render, with Instant Play, you see transition effects, titles and filters in real-time. Plus, MediaStudio Pro provides support for a second display monitor

Real-time Output
After completing your production, play directly from the timeline to DV or analog device in real-time. MediaStudio Pro 7 can output in real-time to an NTSC or PAL monitor, full-resolution, using Matrox and ATI graphics cards. See how to configure your display drivers to take advantage of this feature.

All-in-one DV to DVD

Advanced Format Support
Supports 16:9 widescreen, Sony® MICROMV™, RealMedia™ encode , Windows Media™ capture and edit, DV Type 1, DV Type 2 and Macromedia Flash import

Native MPEG Editing
Encode at either Variable Bit Rate or Constant Bit Rate for best results. Edit in MPEG video for direct content output to DVD

Dolby AC-3 Audio
Encode and decode Dolby AC-3 audio for DVD audio streams that are highly compressed yet offer high fidelity

Auto Slideshow
Play music on the timeline, punch in cue points to the beat, and MediaStudio Pro automatically syncs your series of images to the beat of the music, complete with your choice of transition and frame off-set

DVD Authoring
Integrated authoring tools help to create custom DVDs with intro videos, dual-layer menus and unlimited chapter points. Burn directly to DVD, SVCD, miniDVD or Video CD. MediaStudio Pro is compatible with all DVD-burning hardware standards

On-disc DVD Player
Burn a software DVD player directly onto any video disc you create to automatically play content on a PC

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft®, Windows® 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
  • Intel® Pentium® III compatible system (500Mhz CPU)
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 9 required
  • 128MB RAM (256 or higher recommended)

Recommended for reliable real-time performance

  • Pentium 4, 2.0GHz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 7200rpm IDE Dedicated Hard Drive
  • Dual Head (AV Out) Graphics cards for output

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6 is bundled with ADS Pyro ProDV capture card.

Or, you can buy Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7 seperately from Amazon.

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