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ADS Pyro ProDV


Digital, IEEE1394 interface card that links your DV or Digital8 camcorder to your computer allowing you to record video to your hard drive in real time while previewing it on your PC screen. The card also lets you control your camcorder so you can play, fast forward, rewind, pause and record-- all with VCR type controls. When you have finished editing you can save your video into numerous digital video formats or upload back to your camcorder. The result is 100% digital, first generation lossless video.

Bundled Software

Media Studio Pro 6.0 (Full Version)
Sophisticated non-linear editing software, Media Studio Pro 6.0 incorporates five modules for video capture, editing, animated video painting, object-based titling and animation, and audio editing - so you can produce video content for broadcast, tape, CD-ROM and the Internet.

  • Capture and view original source video from VCRs, TVs, laserdiscs or camcorders. DV with IEEE 1394 and MPEG-2 support using Ligos  Corporation's GoMotion technology ensures higher quality video as well as extra productivity improvements that will save you hours of production time.

  • Video editor brings together all the different components of a video project - video, sound, animation and titles. Arrange these components, add effects and transitions, then save your video as a file, place it on the Internet, a CD-ROM or record it back to video tape.

  • Powerful animated video painting (rotoscoping) program allows you to paint directly over any frame in a video sequence. Retouch videos and create remarkable special effects using an extensive set of non-destructive video painting tools.

  • Produce impressive animated titles and motion graphics using a fully integrated vector-based graphics generation program.

  • Audio editor lets you include a musical score, remove background noise and choose from a library of special effects including panning, echo and more.

Animation Master 2000
Now both beginning and advanced animators can tell their stories with 3D images and animation. Model, render and animate in one interface to create natural, fluid-moving characters, scenery, and props. Animation Master 2000 provides advanced features such as inverse kinematics, ray tracing, image mapping, and modeling of complex organic and mechanical objects.

Sound Forge XP 4.5
Produce studio quality sound with Sound Forge XP. Sound Forge XP 4.5 delivers over 25 powerful digital audio effects and processes. Explore the creative potential of audio using a full range of effects, including reverb, ten-band EQ, distortion and fade in/out.

ACID Style 2.0
Acid Style includes 100 professionally-recorded loops from various genres such as Jazz, Modern Jazz, Reggae Country, Euro Dance, Hip-Hop and Rock. Just drag and drop various loops to the interface, add some drums a little back beat and youíve just created music. Save your song as a loop or .wav file and synch it up to your video in Sound Forge XP.

Digital Juice
With the Digital Juice sampler, you can choose from several graphics to find a look that is perfect for your productions. Use the graphics as they are, or as a starting point for your own creations. Quite simply, the possibilities are endless. The sampler includes MotionBacks, professionally-designed graphic backgrounds, texture backgrounds and exotic paper backgrounds.

Boris FX 4.0 LE
A resolution-independent composite and effects application, Boris FX includes support for 4 video layers with up to 4 video filters per layer, color correction, with blurs and waves and motion paths and more to allow you to create stunning high quality special effects.

Spice Master Lite
Pixelan Software's SpiceMaster Lite is a powerful visual effects plug-in which allows you to apply fresh, elegant, custom 2D transitions in MediaStudio Pro - and flowing dynamic mattes for your other 2D effects such as color changes and blurs. Easily set the orientation, softness, and range of any of the 50 bundled PRO spices.

Ulead Cool 3-D
The must-have tool for Web and video designers, Uleadís Cool 3D gives you stunning 3D titles and animations without the complexity of traditional 3D programs. Cool 3D is the perfect tool for Web pages, digital video, multimedia titles, presentations and more. It's never been easier to be creative.

DV Suite
DV Suite contains DVMovie, motion capture and DVPhoto, image capture applications for NT 4.0. Motion video that is captured can be edited in Media Studio Pro or other video editors such as Adobe Premiere.


Other Digital Video Capture Cards

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