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ADS Pyro Platinum SE

Key Features

PYRO Platinum SE delivers professional non-linear editing at an affordable price. Based on the world's best-selling FireWire card, PYRO PlatinumSE features Adobe Premiere 6.0 LE.


Motion Video Capture

  • NTSC: Type -1 DV video in 720 x 480 resolution in 24 bit color
  • PAL: Type -1 DV video in 720 x 576 resolution in 24 bit color
  • Data Rate: Video is captured at 3.9 MB/second

Hard Drive Recommendation:

Most all Ultra DMA IDE drives that can support sustained transfer rates in excess of 5 MB/Sec.

PYRO Board:

  • 1394a compliant OHCI
  • Isochroous and asynchronous data transfer
  • Hot plugging
  • 1394 Ports: 3 ports (2 external, 1 internal)
  • Connectors: 6 Pin 1394
  • Bus Speeds: 100, 200, 400 Mb/sec.
  • Bus Interface: PCI 2.1 compliant with Bus Mastering
  • Board Size: 5" long x 3.2" high (13 cm x 8 cm high)
  • IRQ: An IRQ is required. IRQ can be shared if motherboard provides this capability through PCI steering.
  • # of Devices: Connect up to 63 1394 devices to PYRO. Connect to Digital camcorders, 1394 storage devices (hard drives, CD-ROM, CD-RW), scanners, speakers, etc.

Bundled Software

Adobe Premiere 6.0 LE

  • Professional, broadcast-quality, non-linear editing software
  • Video and audio processing
  • Drag-and-drop editing, with integrated special effects and filters
  • 99 video and audio tracks
  • Storyboard window assembly
  • Automate to timeline feature

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Acid Music Express 2.0 (PC)
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TeVeo Live (PC)
TeVeo Live 2.1 software enables Windows users to easily share streaming live content from their PYRO 1394 WebCam. Simply plug in your webcam, install the software, and launch TeVeo Live to stream directly from your PC to the Internet. (Mac/PC)
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