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Digital Origin Video Capture Cards

Video capture cards: Digital OriginDigital Origin, Inc. is the leading developer of a full suite of Digital Video (DV) products that serve the complete range of DV camcorder owners' needs: still capture, motion capture, non-linear editing and post-production.

Digital Origin has a simple vision: every owner of a DV camcorder and computer should own software from Digital Origin. Combining DV format quality and the increasing performance of desktop computers, Digital Origin has revolutionized the digital video industry, developing tools that run on the desktop and replace a roomful of equipment at a fraction of the cost. Digital Origin hardware and software tools not only increase productivity and enhance existing creative processes, but also make possible new applications of digital media.

Digital Origin has deep roots in the market for tools for creative individuals. We have transformed ourselves into a software company focused exclusively on the development of cross-platform DV software.

Digital Origin MotoDV : DV in/out, bundled with Premiere LE, EditDV Unplugged, PhotoDV, Photoshop 5 LE. Click here for details.

Digital Origin EditDV : DV in/out, bundled with EditDV2.0, PhotoDV, Sound Forge XP, MotoDV, SpiceRack. Click here for details.


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