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Digital Origin MotoDV

Video capture card: Digital Origin MotoDVMotoDV from Digital Origin includes everything you need to get started:

  • The most widely used IEEE 1394 card
  • Award winning MotoDV software for video capture, device control and playback
  • Digital Origin PhotoDV to digitally capture and edit still images
  • QuickTime compatibility with your video editor, or use the included Adobe Premiere LE
  • Adobe PhotoShop LE

Digital Origin MotoDV enables you to quickly and easily transfer digital video between your PC or Mac and DV camcorders and tape decks equipped with a digital IEEE 1394 FireWire port.

QuickTime compatible
MotoDV's architecture is based on QuickTime, the most widely used standard for desktop digital video, so it's designed to work alongside other popular applications and mesh with your workflow. Edit and composite your DV footage in leading applications like Digital Origin EditDV, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects.

Proven IEEE 1394 Firewire Solution
Digital Origin's IEEE 1394 Firewire interface supports more DV camcorders and they maintain the most comprehensive compatibility database of anyone in the digital video industry. Digital Origin earned this leadership by building the largest installed base of IEEE 1394 users and performing the most comprehensive in-house compatibility testing.

DV Capture
The MotoDV capture application transfers digital video from your DV device in full resolution (720 x 480 for NTSC, 720 x 576 for PAL) and in full-motion (60 fields per second for NTSC, 50 fields per second for PAL) to your hard drive. As clips are being captured, they are converted to QuickTime movies, complete with a separate audio track. Clips may be captured as real-time movies or as time-lapse movies. Supports 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios as well.

DV Player
In addition to playing back your captured clips in software, MotoDVís DV Player allows you to export DV over the IEEE1394 connection for playback and recording of full motion digital video to your DV camcorder or VCR.

Software Codec for DV
MotoDV includes Digital Originís software codec for DV. The advanced video architecture (AVA) is the high-performance, high-quality software codec engine that allows you to render your effects, titles, 3D graphics and transitions to the DV format and play them back on your computer. The beauty of software-based codecs is that as processor speeds increase, rendering times decrease and software playback performance improves.

MotoDV supports locked and unlocked audio so you can work with a variety of formats including DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT4
  • 200MHz Pentium-class computer
  • PCI slot for Digital Origin IEEE 1394 Firewire host adapter card
  • 32MB of RAM (64MB recommended)
  • 16-bit graphics capability

Bundled Software

Adobe Premier LE

Digital Origin EditDV Unplugged
Created exclusively for the DV format, EditDV Unplugged is streamlined for fast editing, rendering and video manipulation. It offers simple drag-and-drop or professional 3-point editing techniques with transitions and titling for a professional look.

Digital Origin PhotoDV
Award-winning utility that enables you to capture still images quickly and easily from your DV tapes. Integrated with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE (also included), captured images are immediately available for retouching. This is ideal for capturing stills for use on the internet.


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