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Digital Video Editing Is Cool...

Wondering what to do with those video tapes shot during your honeymoon trip, on Christmas Days, at your son's birthday party... but now sitting on the shelf only collecting dust?

You're not alone.

Digital video camcorders are getting cheaper and cheaper while the video quality is getting better and better. Almost everyone I know has piles and piles of video tapes at home. Actually, it's hard to see any travellers that do not carry a video camcorder nowadays.

Yet, very, very few people make full use of their hours and hours of videos they shoot over the years!

With today's affordable video capture cards, easy-to-use digital video editing software programs and equipment , cheap and fast computer hardware, there's no reason one cannot edit his own hollywood-like videos at home and show off to friends!

Thinking of digital video editing (or call it desktop video editing or computer video editing if you like)? You've landed at the right place! This site is all about digital video editing.

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We, at About Video, do not sell anything. We only provide free digital video editing information. You can find video capture card reviews, digital video editing equipment and hardware guide, desktop video editing techniques and articles, video editing book reviews, video editing software reviews...

As a professional video editor that have been working in this industry for 8 years, I'd like to share my experience with anyone who want to edit his own videos. Trust me, digital video editing is dorable, affordable, and best of all, enjoyable!

The feeling of viewing your own professionally edited videos is simply fantastic!


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