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Adobe Premiere 6.5

Digital / desktop video editing software: Adobe Premiere 6.5Delivering unmatched hardware support and real-time editing capabilities, Adobe Premiere 6.5 software is the essential tool for creating video for DVD, videotape, the Web, and more.

Adobe Premiere has traditionally been a wonderful video editing program. It has an extremely full feature set that will allow you to do almost anything to your video. Also, Premiere has got the best documentation and tutorials I've seen in a video editing software. Version 6.5 of Adobe Premiere introduces some more excellent features to an already powerful software. New features include a real-time preview option, a Title Designer, MPEG-2 export, DVD authoring, powerful audio tools, and more.

Adobe Premiere 6.5 is an excellent video editing package for the serious video editing professionals. If you're just starting out with video editing, you may prefer a more intutive program like Pinnacle Studio 8. However, those beginners looking for a package that will long outlive their video editing needs for many years to come, will find a great product in Adobe Premiere.

If there's only one video editing software I can recommend to home video makers, this is the one.

Produce with efficiency

  • Use Real-Time Preview to instantly view effects, transitions, titles, motion, and transparency.
  • Drag and drop clips in the Storyboard to quickly lay out projects and rearrange as necessary.
  • Use the innovative Automate to Timeline command to simultaneously send a sequence of clips from the Storyboard or Project window to the Timeline, and get started editing immediately.
  • View all project settings in one convenient location with the Settings Viewer.
  • Preview clips in the Project window and access detailed information in the same location.
  • Take advantage of User Defined Workspaces to configure a workspace that best suits your needs; select from presets or create and save your own.
  • Use the Transitions and Effects palettes to conveniently control all aspects of a clip's effects or transition parameters; the Monitor window provides real-time feedback as you make changes.

Create sophisticated titles

  • Use the new Adobe Title Designer to create broadcast-quality title sequences.
  • Precisely refine your titles with professional typographical controls such as leading, kerning, baseline shift, rotation, and slant.
  • Use the Adobe-standard Pen tool to draw free-form vector shapes that range from simple to complex forms, or use other drawing tools to create simple regular shapes such as circles, polygons, rectangles, and lines.
  • Work with hundreds of predefined text and object Styles, or create your own custom Styles.
  • Experiment with more than 100 professional templates, which you can use for still layouts, rolls, and crawls.
  • Use precise Animation Controls to add motion with roll and crawl options.

Explore creative options

  • Get real-time feedback when making audio adjustments using the Audio Mixer.
  • Create custom-length, royalty-free soundtracks using the included SmartSound Quicktracks software.
  • Use TC Works plug-ins (PC) or the TC Works SparkLE application (Macintosh) to produce high-quality audio.
  • Choose from more than 100 transitions and effects.
  • Take advantage of more than 30 included Adobe After Effects® filters.
  • Include Windows Media files in your production with the Windows Media Importer.

Enjoy extensive hardware support

  • Enjoy plug-and-play compatibility with the widest variety of digital video hardware.
  • Enjoy support for a wide range of DV devices, including Sony DVCAM gear and the latest camcorders and decks.
  • Use DV device controls for pre-editing tasks before bringing clips into Adobe Premiere.
  • Experience plug-and-play editing through an IEEE 1394 port.
  • Quickly match project settings to DV footage using DV presets.
  • Edit DV natively in 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen formats including support for anamorphic pixel aspect ratios.
  • Enjoy native support for Windows XP and Mac OS X.
  • Easily move projects between the Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • Expand your capabilities with support for dozens of capture cards, including those from Matrox and Canopus.
  • Work with any FireWire/IEEE 1394 card on the market today.
  • Work with all Adobe Premiere 6.0 certified hardware.

Experience tight integration with other Adobe tools

  • Make your video productions richer thanks to integration between Adobe Premiere 6.5 and Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and GoLive software.
  • Enjoy support for Photoshop layers, native Photoshop files, and Illustrator artwork.
  • Use the Edit Original command to edit placed bitmapped image, vector graphics, and motion graphics files in Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.
  • Import your movie into GoLive and its metadata remain intact, enabling you to view and modify the links to HTML pages within GoLive.

Explore new possibilities with included Adobe software

  • Enhance your productions with more than 30 included After Effects plug-ins; additional After Effects filters are compatible with Premiere.
  • Dress up your title sequences with more than 90 included Adobe fonts - a value of US$2,300 - that can be used in other applications as well.

Take advantage of flexible output options

  • Output your video productions to DVD and other leading video formats.
  • Export to the latest Windows Media format.
  • Render projects in multiple formats - including DVD, Super Video CD, and Video CD - directly from the Timeline with the new Adobe MPEG Encoder (Windows only).
  • Author DVDs with ease using the included Sonic DVDit! LE software (Windows retail product only).
  • Create DVDs by exporting MPEG-2 files straight from the Timeline thanks to improved integration with Apple DVD Studio Pro* (Macintosh only, sold separately).
  • Apply streaming video presets for all major streaming formats, including Windows Media, RealMedia, and QuickTime.
  • Use chapter markers to provide quick access to specific sections of video in your exported movies.

Adobe Premiere is bundled with these video capture cards:

Or, you can buy Adobe Premiere 6.5 from Amazon seperately.

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