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Matrox RT2500

Video capture card: Matrox RT2500Key Features

  • True three-layer real time editing - two video layers plus a graphics layer simultaneously
  • Real time, broadcast-quality, keyframeable 3D digital video effects powered by Matrox Flex 3D
  • Native DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, and MPEG-2 editing
  • 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen editing
  • Turbo-charged multi-layer compositing engine
  • Advanced productivity tools
  • Analog and digital video input/output - Y/C (S-video), composite, 1394 FireWire
  • Accelerated MPEG output for DVD and CD authoring
  • RealVideo, Windows Media, and QuickTime output for web video streaming
  • Complete content creation software bundle

Edit in real time

Editing is more productive and more enjoyable when your editing system lets you see the results of your edit decisions immediately - without rendering. With Matrox RT2500, you get over 1000 real time, broadcast-quality 2D and 3D digital video effects and transitions including page curls, organic wipes, particle effects, distortions, 3D tiles, and 2D and 3D DVEs with customizable drop shadows, soft edges, and color borders.

Over 60 of Adobe Premiere's native transitions can also be used in real time.

Using keyframes

One of the key features of Matrox RT2500 is the keyframe effects. You have maximum creative control to easily design exactly the look you want. You can resize, position, and rotate your clip in real time, and view the results instantly on your video monitor. The keyframeable effects you create may be saved so you can readily duplicate your effect later in your project or in new projects.

Accelerated multi-layer compositing engine

In addition to its impressive real time capabilities, Matrox RT2500 also provides a hardware-accelerated multi-layer compositing engine. This lets you render an unlimited number of video and graphics layers full of complex Matrox effects in a single pass at an unprecedented speed. While some other manufacturers offer software compositing solutions, Matrox RT2500 and RT2000 are the only products at this price point that offer a hardware-accelerated multi-layer compositing engine.

Productivity tools

Matrox MediaTools automated scan and capture application lets you efficiently manage your DV footage.

Matrox Infinite Capture overcomes the 2GB AVI file size limit of video for Windows, and the 4-GB file size limit of the FAT32 file system in Windows Me. You can also create video clips of unlimited size using the NTFS file system in Windows 2000.

Versatile Video-for-Windows software codec lets you read and write RT-compatible AVI files without having an RT2500 installed in your system. This means you can create and manipulate RT AVI files on another computer using popular compositing and 3D animation packages such as After Effects and 3D Studio MAX.

Matrox Video Player is a convenient utility that lets you playback Matrox audio/video files directly on your computer display and video monitor at full frame rate. You can playback all video files created with Matrox RT2500, regardless of the file size. Standard media players do not support the playback of files larger than 2GB.

Matrox DVD Player lets you playback DVD projects that you create and build to your hard disk using DVDit LE or other DVD authoring software. You would do this to verify your project before doing the final burn to DVD-R or CD-R. You can also use the Matrox DVD Player to play standard DVD movies on a PC equipped with a DVD-ROM drive.

Matrox File Converter application lets you convert your MPEG-2 or DV video files and associated audio files to various formats.

Bundled Software

Adobe Premiere 6

Matrox RT2500 is fully optimized for real-time editing with Adobe Premiere 6. The Matrox real-time plug-in for Premiere lets you take full advantage of the powerful RT2500 hardware and easily access and control all the real-time 2D and 3D filters and transitions.

Over 60 of Adobe Premiere 6's native transition effects can also be used in your video projects in real time. You simply drag-and-drop all video effects directly onto clips and edit them with a single click. You get instant feedback - the Matrox plug-in provides responsive scrubbing and rea-time preview and playback on your video monitor and desktop display.

Premiere's audio mixer is also completely supported. This professional, multi-channel audio mixer can be used to control audio levels as your watch your synchronized video.

Inscriber TitleExpress

Inscriber TitleExpress is a plug-in for Adobe Premiere that lets you quickly and easily create televison-quality video titles. You can choose from almost 200 pre-designed titling templates, then simply type in the text that you want. You also have the freedom to design your own title pages.


The Ligos plug-in lets you output directly from Adobe Premiere to high-quality MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files that are fully compliant with the Video CD (VCD) and Super Video CD (SVCD) specifications. A number of presets are available so that you can choose the encoding profile that will give you the best video quality for your particular type of project.

Pixélan SpiceRack Lite

Pixélan Video SpiceRack Lite gives you over 150 realtime organic transitions that are accessible from the Matrox real-time plug-in for Adobe Premiere.

Sonic Foundry ACID Music

ACID Music is a loop-based music creation tool by Sonic Foundry. In loop-based music production, you select short, pre-recorded segments of music and combine them to form musical compositions. Combining virtually any number of audio loops is a painless process with ACID Music, because the pitch and tempo of the various elements can be modified so that they work together seamlessly. Adobe Premiere allows you to easily import your audio compositions into the Timeline, so you can have rich soundtracks in minutes.

Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE

With Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE, authoring a DVD is a simple, drag-and-drop process. MPEG-2 clips you created in Adobe Premiere can be imported into the DVDit! interface and linked to buttons that start the playback of the video clips. You can preview the result of your work on your computer or video monitor at any time.


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