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Matrox RTMac

Matrox RTMAC For Macintosh OSMatrox RTMac brings real-time power and creative freedom to Apple Final Cut Pro users. A Matrox RTMac in your Apple Power Mac G4 lets you work with three layers of video and graphics in real time and create broadcast-quality effects instantly without rendering,

Matrox RTMac was developed through close collaboration between Matrox and Apple. It is fully optimized for Final Cut Pro and seamlessly integrates into Power Mac G4 computers.

Real-time creativity

Try out any number of different effects and transitions. View them instantly on your computer and video monitors simultaneously. Get exactly the look you want every time.

Matrox RTMac is powered by Matrox Flex 3D, a revolutionary video mixing and effects architecture that exploits the explosive performance of award-winning Matrox graphics accelerator technology to provide a wide variety of broadcast-quality digital video effects in real time. With Matrox RTMac and Final Cut Pro, video transitions and keyframeable motion effects happen instantly.

Enhanced productivity

In addition to the productivity boost you get from real-time editing, the RTMac also brings you other important benefits to streamline your workflow.

Matrox RTMac complements Apple FireWire support built into Power Mac G4 computers with analog video capture and output. Using the RTMac breakout box, you can digitize source material from analog devices to use in your DV editing projects and record your finished projects to videotape for distribution.

Dual-screen editing is an added benefit of Matrox RTMac. Simply connect a second computer monitor to increase your Final Cut Pro workspace.

Matrox RTMac Key features

  • Three-layer real-time editing
  • Real-time broadcast-quality effects and transitions
  • Digital video on console display and simultaneous full-resolution viewing on your NTSC/PAL monitor
  • VGA display output drives a second computer monitor for dual-screen editing
  • 48 KHz stereo audio input/output genlocked to video
  • Realtime native-DV editing
  • 16:9 support - edit in wide screen format.
  • Real-time transitions - apply a cross dissolve, wipe, slide, or iris effect between two video layers or a video layer and a graphics layer.
  • Real-time motion effects - use practically any Final Cut Pro keyframeable motion effect on a video or graphics layer including scaling, rotation, position, cropping, distortion, drop shadow, and opacity.
  • Versatile capture and output
    • Native DV support - use Final Cut Pro and your G4 FireWire ports to bring in your source material and export back to DV tape without transcoding.
    • Y/C (S-Video) and composite video capture/output - digitize video to DV from analog sources to mix with your native DV sources. Record your finished program to tape using any standard VHS or S-VHS VCR.
    • 48 kHz unbalanced stereo RCA audio capture/ output - digitize audio while maintaining perfect sync with video.

System Requirements

  • Single or multi-processor Power Mac G4 with AGP motherboard.
  • 400-MHz or faster PowerPC G4 processor.
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • One free PCI slot
  • Mac OS version 9.1
  • Final Cut Pro version 2.0
  • QuickTime version 5.0.
  • Fast EIDE/Ultra ATA or SCSI disk drives - must be able to sustain two 25-megabit/second streams.

Note: no NLE software bundled with this package.


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