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Pinnacle DV500 Plus

Digital/desktop video editing capture card: Pinnacle DV500 plusDV500 Plus is a real time, native DV video editing solution. It plays effects, titles and filters instantly with no rendering. And DV500 Plus uses the same encoding technology that exists inside your DV camcorder and VCR, so there is no transcoding or recompression. The powerful authoring software included with DV500 Plus gives you the choice of delivery solutions – videotape, interactive CD-ROM, DVD and the Internet.

DV500 PLUS combines exceptional analog and digital I/O with real-time features where they matter most. DV500 PLUS is the only real-time editing solution which takes full advantage of all of the new Adobe Premiere 6.0 features.

DV500 PLUS Key Features

  • Packaged with Adobe Premiere 6.0 with full support of all new features
  • Apply real-time transitions, titles and filters along with powerful 3D effects
  • Connect to both analog and digital video equipment
  • DV500 PLUS features real-time multi-track audio mixing, real-time image correction, real time 16:9, real-time effects, transitions and real time video previews with TitleDeko RT
  • Real-time Native DV maintains image quality through production process
  • Real-time multi-track audio mixer with VU meters, pan and volume adjustments
  • TitleDeko RT real-time titles superimposed over video, title preview with real-time video output and compose in context
  • Real-time image correction for saturation, contrast and brightness changes
  • Real-time 16:9 wide screen video effects, transitions and titles combined with MPEG-2 wide screen exports for CD and DVD authoring.
  • DV² Speed Codec with dual processor support for ultra fast DV mastering
  • Hollywood FX Copper with 3D effects and Alpha Magic, a collection of over 400 real-time unique transitions
  • DV Tools automated DV clips scene detection for logging and batch capture
  • External breakout box for convenient A/V connections
  • Output to videotape, Interactive CD-Rom, DVD and the Internet
  • Supports all Windows operating systems including Windows 2000/NT/Me/98SE/98
  • Web streaming media creation with Real Media, Windows Media, and QuickTime formats

Bundled Software

  • Adobe Premiere 6.0 RT
    • Real-time graphic overlays and transition effects with any graphic format which can be imported into Premiere
    • Real-time tinting for color mattes and TitleDeko backgrounds
    • TitleDeko RT Professional Character Generator for creating broadcast quality titles
    • Integrated real time into Adobe timeline
    • Preview title creation with real-time video output and compose in context
    • Create titles directly over video monitor while composing with new "Take" feature
    • Need to make change just double click
    • Creative Text styles and outstanding anti-aliased results
    • Automatic CG page positioning tools with rolls and crawls
    • All-important CG features of a professional edit system reducing the steps to complete a task.
    • Create Dazzling 3-D Transitions With Hollywood FX Copper
    • 3D transitions which use 3D graphics cards to massively accelerate the rendering
    • Professional quality end result of customizable 3D transitions
    • True anti-aliasing edge control for smooth jag-free results
    • Large unique library of interesting and key-frameable transitions
    • Flexible changes and manipulation of a variety of 3D elements
    • Upgradeable to sophisticated product line extensions
    • Never obsolete as CPU and VGA technology advance
    • Produce interactive AutoPlay CD-ROMs
    • Create presentations for DVD media playback
    • Timeline interface and Smart Adobe® Photoshop® file support
    • Complete CD/DVD Authoring and Playback solution
  • Pinnacle Systems Impression CD-Pro 2.0, the easiest to use and most intuitive professional authoring solution available. Interactive projects are viewed using a timeline interface displaying menus, stills, and audio/video assets.
  • TitleDeko RT to monitor titles with real-time video output and compose in context
  • DV Tools 2.0 program with camcorder compatibility enhancements
  • Hollywood FX Copper 3D effects and Alpha Magic with over 400 real-time transitions
  • SmartSound Quicktracks, a family of audio software products that allows video editors, multimedia authors, web site creators and business presenters to create soul-stirring soundtracks in minutes instead of hours. It is the first audio software on the market to approach audio creation from that of a visual creator's - not a musician's - perspective.
  • Media Cleaner EZ
  • Photoshop LE

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