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Pinnacle Studio Deluxe

Video capture card: Pinnacle Studio DeluxeEverything you need for a professional home video studio! Pinnacle Studio Deluxe incorporates digital editing, DVD authoring and a combined AV/DV video capture card into one easy package.

Analog or Digital Input Sources
Pinnacle Studio Deluxe boasts an AV/DV capture card that captures video from both Analog and Digital sources. Whether you are a serious hobbyist with both AV and DV needs, or the owner of an Analog camera that plans to upgrade to Digital soon, the AV/DV capture card offers amazing flexibility when importing footage.

Video Editing with Pinnacle Studio version 8
Included in the software bundle is Pinnacle Studio version 8, the award-winning video editing solution that delivers professional quality editing at home. Pinnacle Studio version 8 also features over 100 transitions and 300 TitleDeko effects to further enhance your movies

DVD Authoring with Pinnacle Express
Pinnacle Express makes it simple to burn your finished videos or digital pictures to a DVD or CD that plays in any set top DVD player. Use the software to add menus and titles and start sharing home movies with family and friends.


  • Plug and play 32 bit PCI board with bus mastering interface
  • External breakout box
  • Cable: 6 pin Firewire (IEEE-1394) to 4 pin DV
  • DV compression support
  • 1 composite video input
  • 1 composite video output
  • 1 digital video input/output
  • 1 S-Video input
  • 1 S-Video output
  • DVD/CD Authoring Formats: Video CD (VCD), Super Video CD (SVCD), DVD

System Requirements

  • Pentium II or Athlon 450MHz or higher
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Windows 98SE, WindowsMe, or Windows 2000
  • DirectDraw 6.0 or higher compatible sound and video cards
  • 200 MB of disk space for install
  • Hard disk drive must be capable of sustained throughput of at least 4MB /sec.

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