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Pinnacle Studio DV Version 8

Video capture card: Pinnacle Studio DV version 7Brought to you by Pinnacle Systems, the same people who've won seven Emmy Awards creating video-editing gear for Hollywood professionals, Pinnacle Studio DV version 8 helps you turn your home PC into a Hollywood movie studio. In addition, Pinnacle Studio DV version 8 comes complete with an easy-to-install 1394/Firewire® DV capture card so you can transfer video directly from your digital camcorder or VCR with Firewire port to your PC, with no loss in quality.

From your camcorder to your PC

The first part of creating great movies on your PC is capturing your footage, and Pinnacle Studio version 8 makes that easier than ever! Simply hook up your camcorder to your PC and let Pinnacle SmartCaptureTM do the work. You'll see thumbnails of each recorded scene and can drag and drop them right onto the edit timeline to begin your work.

From imagination to production

Pinnacle Studio version 8 delivers everything you need to turn your raw footage into fantastic feature films. 3D Scene Transitions, Sound Effects, Titles, Background Music and Video Effects are just a few of the amazing ways that you can bring your home movies to life.

From Your PC to Your TV and beyond

Once you completed your masterpiece, you can record it back out to tape, burn it to CDs or DVD s that play on your set top DVD player, play it back on your PC, email it to family or friends, or post it on the web.

Key Features

Stunning Scene Transitions
Movies are all about motion, and getting from one shot to the next, gracefully, is what it’s all about. Pinnacle Studio DV version 8 delivers all the tools you’ll need to edit video like a pro. Amazing new 3D animated transitions such as page turns, spinning balls or breaking glass allow you to move the story along in ways you’ve never imagined.

Amazing Title Effects with TitleDeko™
Pinnacle Studio DV version 8 includes the same Hollywood-style title effects seen in feature films and television. With TitleDeko, you can add professional looking titles to enhance your story or simply highlight people, places and events. Features include more than 300 title styles, such as metallic, stretched, condensed and neon effects, as well as roll and crawl effects for added impact.

Custom Audio Effects with SmartSound™
Video only tells part of the story. Music sets the mood and tone of a film. With SmartSound™ soundtrack generator, you can select your favorite MP3 file or CD track and instantly score your movie, in time and in sync. You can also quickly and easily add your own voice over narration, for a personal touch.

Package Includes

Studio DV version 8 Specifications

Input formats:

  • Capture from DV and Digital8 camcorders or VCRs with DV port
  • Import: Video: AVI

Audio: WAV MP3


Output formats:

  • Output to DV tape
  • MPEG1 & MPEG2
  • AVI
  • RealVideo8
  • Windows Media Format


  • Plug and Play 32 bit PCI board with bus mastering interface
  • 3 IEEE 1394 ports (2 external 1 internal)
  • Cable included: 6-pin 1394 to 4-pin DV

System Requirements

  • 500 MHz or faster Pentium ®II or equivalent
  • 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • Windows® ® 98 Second Edition, Windows Millenium, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • DirectX (or higher) compatible graphics and sound boards
  • One free PCI slot
  • 200 MB of disk space to install software
  • Hard disk drive must be capable of sustained throughput of at least 4MB /sec.

Bundled Software

Pinnacle Studio 8



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