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Pinnacle DV-200

Video editing capture card: Pinnacle DV-200Pinnacle Systems DV200 Firewire© digital video editing card is the industry's most affordable fully featured IEEE-1394 editing solution. DV200 features Pinnacle Systems’ DVTools pre-production software for automatic tape scanning, batch capturing, and complete DV device control. Includes Adobe Premiere 6.0, Hollywood FX Copper and Alpha Magic, Smart Sound Quicktracks, Pinnacle TitleDeko and DV Tools, Adobe Photoshop LE, Pinnacle Systems INSTANT Video play back plug-in, and Total Training Introduction to Premiere 6.0.

Key Features

  • Adobe Premiere 6.0 Editing Software
  • All digital editing for your all digital equipment
  • One pass DV output, lossless DV capture
  • Output to DV camcorders and other DV equipment
  • Overcome 2GB AVI file size limitations with Pinnacle Systems INSTANT Video
  • Professional broadcast-quality titling with Pinnacle Systems' TitleDeko
  • Hollywood FX Copper with 3D effects and Alpha Magic, a collection of over 400 real-time unique transitions
  • DV Tools automated DV clips scene detection for logging and batch capture
  • Web streaming media creation with Real Media, Windows Media, and QuickTime formats
  • Save rendering time and hard disk space
  • Supports Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98SE and 98

Pinnacle Systems DVTools

The Pinnacle Systems DV200 includes a custom software application called DVTools. This fully featured package contains time saving pre-production features and the most comprehensive DV device control application on the market.

Scene Logging

DVTools has a scan feature that will automatically "watch" a DV tape and log all the scenes on it. This information is used to create a database including the time code of each scene and information text fields for scene names and notes. The first frame of every scene is also stored, creating an easy to use visual reference called a Scene Gallery. One gallery is created for each tape scanned. This allows users to quickly and easily evaluate the scenes on their tape and decide which ones they want to use eliminating hours of wasted time spent manually reviewing tapes.  

Automatic Batch Captures

Scenes from one or more Scene Galleries can be placed in a Capture Gallery using a simple drag and drop operation. Scenes in and out points can be trimmed so only the video you want is captured saving valuable hard disk space. DVTools will then automatically and frame accurately batch capture all of the scenes in the Capture Gallery.

DV Device Control

One of the major advantages of a DV based digital video editing system is that most DV devices can be controlled through the IEEE-1394 DV port. One cable provides digital audio and video transfer and device control!

The Device control application on the DV200 is one of the most fully featured on the market. It provides a preview window and full VCR-style controls for all of the standard controls of the DV device, plus a jog-shuttle controller, frame step, still image capture, scene trims, seeks and more.

Pinnacle Systems miroINSTANT Video 5.0

The miroINSTANT Video play back plug-in for Adobe Premiere provides intelligent rendering to allow you to remain interactive with your video production. miroINSTANT 5.0 automatically renders only the effects and transitions in the Premiere timeline. miroINSTANT Video creates a seamless playback cut list of all of the elements in the Premiere timeline. You no longer have to render the entire timeline to see your production. With miroINSTANT Video the production to be previewed quickly by hitting the ENTER key. By creating a cut list the Video for Windows 2GB AVI file size limitation is overcome. Each segment can be up to 2GB. You reduce up to 80% of your rendering time and save up to 50% of your valuable hard disk space by not recreating video clips that already exist! 

Package Contents

  • DV200 PCI bus mastering FireWire IEEE 1394 DV card
  • DV200 manual
  • DV FireWire cable
  • Adobe Premiere 6.0 Editing Software
  • Hollywood FX Copper and Alpha Magic
  • Pinnacle Systems' TitleDeko
  • DVTools software and drivers
  • Smart Sound Quicktracks
  • Adobe Photoshop LE
  • Pinnacle Systems INSTANT Video play back plug-in
  • Total Training Introduction to Premiere 6.0.


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