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Pinnacle Pro One

Video capture card: Pinnacle Pro-OnePinnacle Pro-ONE supports sophisticated multi-layer compositing and 3D processing which elevate your capabilities far beyond usual editing. Until now, 3D had only been available during transitions, and while the effects were often pleasing, they didn't offer the range of options that you, as video maker, may require.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE delivers true Real Time processing of multiple video clips and effects in 3D, and allows you to add a new dimension to your video experience.

Effects previews, 2D and 3D transitions, and compositing of multiple layers of Digital Video, 3D effects and Text, all in Real Time, mean no more waiting for your tools to catch up. You instantly see what you think.

Titling: Includes Pinnacle TitleDeko RT for truly broadcast titles and text. More than 300 looks and styles for a wide range of dazzling titles, including neon and metallic, stretched and condensed. TitleDeko RT has compose in context and title monitor features required in professional character generators.

Image Processing: Pinnacle Pro-ONE supports Picture in Picture, Zoom, Rotate, Animation, Particles, Image Stabilization, Image Correction, Speed variation (Slow/fast Motion) all at once in Real Time.

Special FX and Transitions: Pinnacle Pro-ONE delivers a full palette of effects, from classics such as fade to black, wipes, and dissolves, to advanced 3D effects and other incredible image manipulations - all in Real Time.

Professional keyframing: All real time effects provided by Pinnacle Pro-ONE are fully controllable. Effects can change over time, under the command of sophisticated Keyframe animation.

Flexible Animations: Motion control of titles and graphics creates an additional layer for creative motion sequences and flexible screen composition for graphic placements.

Sounds generator: Add license free background music selected by various themes and mix it in real time with the original sound from your assets.

Immediate Results: Effects get processed at full resolution, in Real Time. No background rendering, no pre processing - the engine just delivers.

Multiple FX Combinations: Several real-time effects may get combined simultaneously. Even complex composites are performed in Real Time. You don't need to compromise creativity because of limited production time. Pinnacle Pro-ONE delivers up to 9 simultaneous effects, where 2 can be 3D effects.

Multiple Simultaneous Layers: The engine provides full real-time support for a classical non-linear A/B roll situation: 2 video layers + 1 graphics layer. With certain effects the engine supports even more than 3 layers: advanced edits can combine 2 videos, 2 graphics and 1 shaded object layer. The engine's real-time capabilities are fully dedicated to those effects.

Combined 2D and 3D Support: Simultaneous combinations of 2D and 3D effects as filters and/or transitions.

Full Resolution Effects: The engine processes video in its original resolution and therefore keeps the original quality.

Intelligent Algorithms: The Pinnacle Image Stabilization filter detects shaky scenes and corrects them automatically. Stabilized scenes can still be modified with effects and filter in real time.

Each of your customers is unique… Each of your video projects is unique.

Input: Capture from any digital or analogue source via the breakout box, in 4/3 or wide screen 16/9

Simplified capture: Pinnacle DV Tools 2.0 simplifies the capture process. TapeScan allows you to automatically create a table of contents from DV tapes. You then select scenes for capture by simply dragging the clips you'd like into your project.

Expandable: The combination of software and hardware is flexible enough to allow for user to create new effects and add on effects. Unlike other effect engines, Pinnacle's approach is not limited.

Customizable: You can change effects and motion paths as you like since the engine offers full creative control.

Audio: Manage sounds effects and volume in Real-time, thanks to the dedicated interface.

Output formats: Pinnacle Pro-ONE supports a wide range of output formats, including: DVD, CD, VCD & SVCD, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-1, Windows Streaming Media, Real Networks Media, QuickTime and AVI.

DVD authoring: With Pinnacle Impression DVD, spice up your productions by creating amazing, dynamic menus for your DVD projects.

Bundled Software

  • Adobe Premiere 6.0 - professional non-linear video editing
  • Title Deko RT - broadcast quality character generation
  • Hollywood FX RT - 3d effects and DVE creation tool
  • Alpha Magic - comprehensive library of Real Time transitions
  • DV Tools - automated scene detection
  • Impression DVD SE - professional DVD and CD authoring
  • Photoshop LE - image editor / dynamic menu creation tool
  • SmartSound Quick Tracks - instant background music creation
  • Media Cleaner EZ - Web export tools

System Requirements

  • Pentium III or Athlon 700MHz or equivalent processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1 - 32 bit PCI 2.1 slot
  • High Color AGP DirectX 6.0 (or higher) compatible display adapter
  • PCI Sound card
  • Windows 98 SE / Millennium


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