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Dazzle DV.now AV

Video capture card: Dazzle DV.now AVDazzle/Fast - formerly FAST Personal Video - introduces a new editing solution DV.now AV for analog and digital input. For this solution, too, the reliable high-speed FAST software codec provides extremely fast rendering times. DV.now AV targets videographers who want to be able to edit analog and digital material simultaneously. Particularly for users of digital cameras without DV input ports, this editing solution provides the option of transferring to VHS or S-VHS.

DV material is processed in native mode, i.e. without recompression. It goes without saying that analog and digital material can also be mixed.

Preparing your clips in no time

FAST forward software has been specifically developed by FAST for performing the most time consuming part of video editing, selecting and recording the clips to the hard disk, pre-editing them to the desired length and arranging them in a storyboard. Practical features include automatic scene detection for moving to the beginning and end of a scene.

Professional finish for a perfect video

Your clips are now ready for post production. The full version of Adobe Premiere editing software provides the professional touch that allows you to design sophisticated videos of the highest quality.

The FAST Power Play function ensures that only modified clips need be recalculated, saving you not only a large chunk of your time but also in memory capacity. With Power Play, you can also play back your videos directly from the timeline.

Works with any Ultra66/100 EIDE drive

Since the DV.now AV uses the high-speed FAST software codec, you do not require any special storage solution. We still recommend a dedicated drive for video, but any off-the-shelf ATA EIDE drive will do.


  • Digital connections 2x i.LINK (FireWire) external (6 pin)
  • Analog Video In/out: Composite, S-video
  • Analog Audio In/out: RCA
  • Audio: 4-channel, 32kHz, 12 bit (in); 2-channel, 44,1 kHz, 16 bit (in); 2-channel, 48 kHz, 16 bit (in and out)
  • Compression/Codec: As per DV-Standard. Compression rate 5:1
  • Video resolution: PAL (720 x 576), NTSC (720 x 480)

System requirements

  • PCI slot (v2.1)
  • Pentium III, 500 MHz with MMX
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended)
  • Windows 98 (SE) or NT 4.0
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Hard disk with data transfer rate of 4MB/sec

Bundle Includes

  • PCI bus master plug in card
  • Breakout Box box with cable
  • FireWire cable (6-pin on 4-pin)
  • Installation CD
  • Adobe Premiere 6
  • DVDit! le
  • Bonus Software packet
  • Handbook
  • Video Pocket Guide with camera tips & tricks from experienced editors

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