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ADS Pyro Platinum DV

Key Features

  • Get the best value for your money with this power packed capture card bundle which include Premiere 6.5 and more!
  • Produce broadcast-quality videos with your DV camcorder and PC without the price tag of high-end 1394 hardware.
  • Take advantage of the 400Mbit/sec fast data rates that professional video editors have been using for years.
  • Make your directorial debut with this digital non-linear video editing system.

1394/FireWire is the external bus technology that professional video editors have been using for years to transfer footage from their DV camcorders to their PCs to produce broadcast quality videos. Now it’s your turn to play director. Use ADS Pyro Platinum DV to spark your imagination and create your own home movies, video greeting cards, and video e-mail.

Best of all, since Pyro FireWire cards are fully OHCI compliant, you can add-on additional cool FireWire products like FireWire drives, webcams, drive kits and more!!

Pyro Platinum Includes

  • Pyro PCI or Laptop FireWire card
  • Premiere 6.5 full version
  • Boris Factory 3D transitions
  • Acid Style 2.0 – Loop-based music production software
  • Sound Forge XP 4.5 – Digital audio editing and processing tool
  • FireWire cable

Pyro Platinum DV bundles YOUR CHOICE

  • Pyro Platinum Windows w/ PCI card
  • Pyro Platinum Windows w/ Laptop card
  • Pyro Platinum Mac w/ PCI card
  • Pyro Platinum Mac w/ Laptop card

Bundled Software

Premiere 6.5 full version

Premiere 6.5 provides direct support for IEEE 1394/FireWire on both Windows and Mac OS. Using only the DV port on your hard drive, an IEEE 1394 connection, and your DV camcorder, you get perfect digital video in Premiere every time. Adobe Premiere offers built-in support for all types of DV devices, ranging from consumer to professional. 

DV capture
Premiere’s Movie Capture window now includes a Settings tab and a Logging tab. Using the Settings tab, you can view and edit video capture settings, change the capture location, and set device control preferences. Using the Logging tab, you can quickly log video clips, set In and Out points, name clips and reels, effortlessly batch-capture multiple logged video clips, and add comments about each clip.

Storyboard window
Premiere offers a number of new and enhanced features to help increase your productivity. With the new Storyboard window and its Automate to Timeline command, you can quickly visualize and implement the layout of clips in your project. The Automate to Timeline command provides a quick and easy way to transfer all the clips in a Project window bin or Storyboard to the Timeline.

Web export plug-ins for one-step Web output
Premiere 6.5 includes three plug-ins (automatically installed) for exporting an individual clip, a segment of the Timeline, or the entire program to a Web-optimized file format. When you have finished editing your video program, select one of the following Web export options: Save for Web, Advanced RealMedia Export, or Windows Media Export (Windows only). Choosing one of these options opens the respective plug-in dialog box, in which you can specify your exported file format information.

Sonic MyDVD 3 is the first-ever DVD recording and editing application for personal computers. MyDVD is the fastest and easiest way to share your treasured video memories with friends and family on a DVD.

Sound Forge XP
Produce studio quality sound with Sound Forge XP. Sound Forge XP 4.5 delivers over 25 powerful digital audio effects and processes. Explore the creative potential of audio using a full range of effects, including reverb, ten-band EQ, distortion and fade in/out.

Boris Factory
3D transitions.

Acid Music Xpress 2.0
Acid Music is the fastest and easiest way to create custom license-free music for your video projects. The package includes many high-quality, cutting-edge loops to give you unprecedented creative flexibility.

VideoShare Producer
VideoShare introduces the breakthrough service that enables you to create, edit, store and share streaming video on the Web! Send VideoMail and VideoGreetings. Post video to websites.

TeVeo Live
TeVeo Live 2.1 software enables Windows users to easily share streaming live content from their PYRO 1394 WebCam. Simply plug in your webcam, install the software, and launch TeVeo Live to stream directly from your PC to the Internet.
The premier photo-sharing site on the Web. The secure site comes packed with sophisticated photo-related services and features, including photo sharing, software downloads, unlimited photo albums, photo address book, photo editing and much more.


Other Digital Video Capture Cards

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