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Digital Origin EditDV

EditDV is the breakthrough editing system that brings professional-level, 100 percent digital non-linear video editing to the desktop. Built from the ground up for the DV format, EditDV integrates batch capture, editing, compositing, animation and special effects functions into a single, seamless video production environment.

Plug-In Support: With direct support for QuickTime effects, hundreds of customizable SMPTE transitions and stylized textures including fire, ripple and emboss are available today using QuickTime's plug-in model and more are being developed. EditDV 2.0 includes 50 plug-in effects from Pixelan Spice Rack Pro.

Export for Web Streaming: EditDV 2.0 lets you access QuickTime Export for saving movies directly to popular web formats including QuickTime streaming, Sorenson, AVI, Cinepak, and others. This means movies can be directly exported from the timeline to a compressed format, with no additional steps.

Multiprocessor Support: Features specially optimized codecs and rendering algorithms that automatically detect and use multiple processors when present. EditDV 2.0 gives users nearly twice the rendering speed on dual-processor machines.

Batch Capture: EditDV 2.0ís Batch Capture function saves time by allowing you to mark clips while viewing footage. It then uses time-code to capture all marked clips in a single pass.

EDL Export: EditDV 2.0 can export Edit Decision Lists (EDLs) which makes it easier to migrate projects to post production switching environments (CMX, Sony & IBM supported) or another editing station.

Flexible "3-Point" Editing: EditDV 2.0.provides powerful professional-style 3-point and 4-point editing. Drag clips into the order you like then press play. Fine tune your production with film-style side by side tail/head trimming for easy, professional, efficient results.

Professional Character Generation (Titler): Endless creativity with unlimited title layers including ATM, and TrueType fonts with keyframe control of drop shadows, gradients, softness, transparency and colored backgrounds. Easy interface for long scrolling titles. Alpha mode is included for picture-in-title effects. Titles are animated directly on the video in real-time using keyframed spine, linear or hold motion.

Chroma and Luma Keying: You can create clean mattes for unlimited layering of video without leaving your editing environment. Chroma and Luma Keying offer softness, transparency and tolerance sliders for accurate keying performance. EditDV provides a Color Replace filter for professional matte cleanup capability.

True 3D DVEs: You can manipulate your video in 3D with true perspective and support for soft, translucent, colored drop shadows, anti-aliasing, automatic border generation and sub-pixel interpolation, providing exciting broadcast visual effects.

Unlimited Layers: You can layer as many video tracks and filter tracks as you need to achieve the intense, state of the art, graphically complex look of broadcast television. Any still image format that is supported by QuickTime can be imported and treated as an ordinary video layer.

Enhanced FX Manipulation: You can interact with your special effects directly on the FX monitor (the preview screen) and get a full snapshot of what you've created.

Custom Filters: Create, modify, save and distribute custom filter settings for consistency, productivity, and fun.

Multiple Key Frames with Spine-Based Animation: Unlimited keyframes for all effects filters allow not only spatial animation but control of all filter parameters. This provides you with complete control of your effects and the ability to create your own effects look.

Extensive Keyboard Control: In addition to an intuitive mouse-driven interface, keyboard control lets you move quickly and easily through your work. Colored key cap stickers are provided for added efficiency and improved learning curve.

High-Quality Transitions: Includes over 50 anti-aliased, customizable, professional quality transitions with colored borders, variable softness, and drop shadows.

Trim Multiple Tracks at Once: You can select each and every cut you want to trim and trim them all together - by adding or removing frames via mouse or keyboard control. Allows trimming of as many audio and video tracks as the user selects.

Audio Rubber-Band Level Control: You can directly manipulate the audio track volume to integrate diverse audio tracks and easily mix the audio allowing for smooth transitions of audio volume and precise control of the audio tracks. Also provides real-time adjustment of clip and track volume making audio decisions quick and easy.

Audio Channel Mapping Filter: This filter allows you to "route" the left or right channels of a stereo track to the left or right channels of the AP track. This filter can perform a variety of useful functions, such as Sum to Mono, Pan Right/Left, Fill Right/Left, and Channel Swap. This filter is keyframable, like all EditDV filters.

Digital Origin PhotoDV: EditDV includes Digital Origin PhotoDV, the award-winning utility that enables you to quickly and easily capture gorgeous still images. Integrates with Adobe Photoshop LE (included).

Included in Kit

  • CD-ROM containing
    • Digital Origin EditDV application software
    • Digital Origin MotoDV software
    • Digital Origin PhotoDV software
    • Printed EditDV User Guide
    • Sonic Foundry Soundforge XP 4.5
    • Pixelan SpiceRack QuickTime effects (50)
  • Digital Origin EditDV User Guide
  • Digital Origin EditDV key cap stickers
  • Digital Origin IEEE 1394 Firewire card
  • Firewire Cable (4 pin to 6 pin) 2 meter
  • Registration materials

System Requirements

  • An available PCI slot for the Digital Origin IEEE 1394 Firewire card.
  • Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT (4.0 SP3)
  • QuickTime 3.0.2 or later.
  • UltraDMA or SCSI hard disk.
  • 16 or 24-bit color graphics support.


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