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Adobe After Effetcs 6.0

Digital / desktop video editing software: Adobe After Effects 6.0In a video production environment where time is money, Adobe After Effects is worth every dollar you invest. Adobe's well-known video effects powerhouse is now even better. The new functions in this release can cut the time needed to develop sophisticated image composites, spectacular special effects, and complex keyframed animations.

Adobe After Effects 6.0 Stabdard software delivers the speed, precision, and powerful tools you need to produce visually innovative motion graphics and effects for film, video, DVD, and the Web.

After Effects 6.0 Professional has all the features in After Effects Standard plus 40 additional features, including an all-new Motion Tracker, precise keying and matte tools, advanced visual effects, and much more.

Adobe After Effects 6.0 Professional adds impressive text and vector paint tools, redesigned and simplified motion tracking, and improved integration with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, not to mention enhanced performance and accessibility.

After Effects can now create, edit, and animate text directly in the Composition (Comp) Window and Timeline, using versatile typographical tools familiar to Illustrator and Photoshop users. Instead of the cumbersome process of splitting animated text across various layers, each text layer can support several combinations of text and effects. Text Animators and Selectors easily adjust various properties and behaviors, such as position, tracking, rotation, skew, hue, opacity, and so on. It takes only a few steps to create some spectacular text effects.

The new Photoshop-like, pressure-sensitive vector paint brushes and clone tool are used in the Layer window, and editing of existing strokes must be done in the Timeline window. While all this seems overly complicated, it gives precise control over the animation of brushstroke properties and behaviors. The only way to change a stroke's shape is to use a mask or the eraser, though you can edit size, position, and rotation directly.

Masking is robust, with the automatic creation of masks from alpha channel information, better keylighting of semitransparent objects and hair, and Roto-Bezier masks.

Motion tracking offers significantly greater flexibility, accuracy, and performance, using intuitive controls that help you analyze and edit your results. You can track multiple points on a layer, then easily copy and paste the tracking data for reuse on another layer.

Files imported from Photoshop or Illustrator convert layers as sequences while retaining text as fully editable. Premiere Pro's nested and multiple sequences are maintained as nested compositions, transparency and cross-dissolve as opacity keyframes, and motion effects as transform keyframes.

By purchasing technology from third-party developers (Cycore Cult Effects and Atomic Power Evolution), Adobe has added some spectacular functions to After Effects. The new Shatter tool lets you blow up a layer, breaking the image into shards of almost any shape and dispersing them across the screen. Other filters create repeating ripples, pulsing colors, and linear strobes.

After Effects' enhanced built-in video editing tools make switching back and forth between a video editor (like Adobe Premiere) and an After Effects composition unnecessary. You can draw masks directly into the Composition window. After Effects now previews your edits dynamically, using actual image data, and will even temporarily drop screen resolution to conserve system resources. It also allows you to define a smaller section of the composition when rendering previews. Another enhancement is After Effects' ability to generate Macromedia Flash movies directly, complete with hyperlinks.

After Effects correctly interprets files from the latest versions of other Adobe products. For example, After Effects preserves Photoshop 6 vector masks and Illustrator 9 transparencies. The Production Bundle can handle Photoshop files that contain 16 bits of data per channel for high-fidelity color. And After Effects can embed project links into QuickTime movies.

After Effects 6.0 is a must for anyone serious about video effects.

Adobe After Effects is only available as seperate software since it's meant more for visual effects rather than editing.

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