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Video Capture or Digitize

Also called video capture, digitizing is the process you load footages from tape into your computer system.

You may use QuickTime, AVI or other format depending on your platform and software. Whatever the file format, the result file size tends to be very huge. For technical details, please refer to video capture card guide.

Another relevant term is downloading. It refers to the process of recording your edited video from computer down to tape. Similarly, digitizing is also called uploading.

If you load footages from a DV tape, it’s more suitable to say that you are “capturing” footages since the footages are already in digital format when they are on tape.

After being digitized into your hard drive, all the footages will be in digital format. Have you ever wondered that why people call that process as “digitize” but not “digitalize”? Digitalize seems make more sense, right?

Try looking in your dictionary.

Ok, save your time. When this so called “digitize” technology was available, people in computer industry found that the word “digitalize” had been already taken by another group of people to refer to a totally different thing. So, what does digitalize mean?

Digitalize - to administer digitalis in a dosage sufficient to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect without producing toxic symptoms.

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