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Shot & Take

Video Shot

A shot is a segment of footage of an activity or happening. It could be as long as several minutes or as short as a few frames in length.

Shot can be considered as the most basic unit of a video, in terms of editing. You can regard a shot as a single “word” if a video is regarded as a complete article.

A shot may or may not have an understandable meaning, just like a single word in language. The word “good” can easily stand-alone and be understood. But if I just say “book” or even “the” to you without a context, most probably you can’t get what I’m trying to say.

Similarly, an extreme close up could hardly mean anything. But when you put several shots together, a meaning is created - hopefully - if you do it right.

This concept leads to another important term: montage.

Video Take

Each time a shot is filmed or recorded, it’s called a take. A shot may have to be filmed a number of times before a “good take” is achieved.

Whenever possible, it’s a good practice to make at least one back up take even if you are extremely satisfied with your very first take. Anything could happen in real life.

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