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Make The Best Wedding Video

Wedding video is one of the easiest to get client and very profitable. Think about the amount of couples getting married every day. There is a huge market even in a small town. And the best part is that, your clients will not bargain much. They are willing to open their wallet. If you can prove that you can deliver, they will pay for your service. As simple as that.

Consider these while tapping into wedding videos making business.

  • Focus on your local market as a start. Unless you have grown to a level that you can operate branches in other cities as a boss, you donít want the trouble of travelling around.
  • Focusing on local market has another convenience: ease of advertising. Leave some flyers at community center, church, marriage registration office, bride studio. Put up a simple web site.
  • Always prepare an excellent demo tape. Your potential client will beg for your service if they are convinced that you are the best. Spend time on the demo. Use all techniques you learn from this book.
  • Do it free for your friend as first project. Ask for the privilege of using it as your demo.

Itís always a good idea to offer a package. As a hint, you can include several items in the package:

  • A video entitled When Mark met Mary, but suggesting a different story from that famous movie :-)
  • A second video entitled Once upon a time in Maryís life
  • A video presenting good wishes from friends, relatives
  • The wedding ceremony held in church. And it can be finished and played together with the first three in the dinner for extra urgent charge
  • A complete video introducing their childhood, their love story, and of course the big day
  • Even offer to produce a video to record their childís growing path

Too much for a wedding video package? Well, you get the idea.

Now comes to the part of producing and editing. Here are some wedding video tips suggestions.

You donít have to use fancy visual effects. Actually, most of your clients will prefer you not to. What they want to see in wedding videos clearly is their faces, their story, but not your machineís capability. This is very different from TV commercials and why you can earn easy bucks with less work.

Bring at least two camcorders, and another cameraman as well, to the ceremony. You canít afford a bad video take at all in this case, so do whatever you can to make sure you will get the footages first. Tell the cameraman both cameras should concentrate on the couple when they exchange wedding bands!

Make the video relative slow but smooth. Itís not necessary to be fast and exciting. But it has to be romantic and moving, at least to the couple. Donít use fast cut unless in a video to introduce the bridegroomís honorable past, who happens to be a NBA player.

Use a color scheme that is warm and sweet. Personally I like light pink for not much reason. Make the overall video brighter than average. No, I donít mean increase brightness of every shot while editing. Instead, make sure the scene is well lit, avoid large area of shadow, and increase the brightness of a shot if it is really dark and necessary to be used.

Choose a proper piece of music. Trash your personal preference here. I enjoy hard rock most but I donít think that is suitable for a wedding video. And donít bother with those grand orchestra style music used in Hollywood films. What you need is something simple and beautiful. A nice piano solo will do most probably. Combine live sound, especially the pledge, with music smoothly.

Use fade and dissolve instead of cut whenever possible. Use slow motion to emphasize and repeat their happiest moments.

When it comes to the time of pledge and ring exchange and hug, use medium close ups or close ups with slow zooming in. This little movement, together with music, will boost the emotional intensity effectively. However donít try to zoom in while shooting if you canít achieve a very smooth one in one shot. Plus how do you make sure that both camera zoom in at the same speed? Do it in post.

Study a wedding scene from a movie or TV drama that you think is great and copy the whole sequence. Every technique in such a scene is pretty much standard. As I said earlier, you donít need any bells and whistles here, just make it clean and complete.

Prepare a short section as a standard beginning. For example, multiple little pink hearts with different size falling down on a white background, photos of the couple fly around slowly, then text in a pleasing font appears ď Their lives are tied together today Ē. Or something like that. You can use the same design over and over again. Your client will regard it as a beautiful bonus while what you need to do is just rendering time.

This kind of video is self-explained. Try not to use voice over if not absolutely necessary. Use simple worded but with full emotional impact text to tell a story. Actually, the story itself is not important. What they really care about is the feeling and emotion.

Make the video dream like if appropriate. Use soft edge, blur filter, heavy color correction. Every time I see pictures like this, I feel moved. And so sweet!

Collect sufficient photos from the couple. Even you donít do separate videos introducing their past life, itís not a bad idea to put in a short section featuring their love story right after they hold each other in arms. I guess all the wedding ceremonies are quite similar, if not totally the same. Think out ways to make it, look like, unusual. This could be a strong selling point for you to do marketing too!

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