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Different Typs of Video

In my daily work, I constantly deal with different types of video. Music video, corporate video, TV commercial, stage performance, drama, etc. Different types of video have distinguishing features, function, and hence need different treatment.

Thatís the best training. By editing varieties of videos, you have more chances to experiment different techniques. In general, every type of video tends to limit itself to some techniques. One technique may be perfect for some videos, but it may not be suitable for others. For instance, it doesnít make much sense to use multilayering in the body of a drama.

To be honest, sometimes Iím stuck with a certain kind of video for a period of time and need refreshment desperately. This is the time to edit something else.

Getting familiar with different types of video will greatly enhance your skill and hopefully get you more business. Even if you are just going to edit home videos as a pure hobby, you will also encounter some varieties.

In this chapter I will discuss some commonly seen videos. I will give you suggestions for each type. But always remember that editing is creating. Thereís no single rule that can not be broken. Consider my words just as suggestions from a fellow video editor.

Of course you will find that these are good starting points.

Music Video
Corporate Video
TV Commercials
Home Video
Wedding Video
TV Drama
Stage Show
Documentary Video
Showreel & Demo Reel
Online/Web Video


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