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Make The Best Home Video

Home video is somewhat similar to documentary. A particular home video or home movie may focus on a particular event. For instance, a birthday party, a trip to Paris, old classmates gathering, a happy Christmas day, etc. They all have one thing in common: real people in real life doing what they normally do.

What separates home videos from documentary is that not many people other than your family member and colleagues will be interested in it. Home made videos do not have to be useful or interesting to general public, while documentary must be.

You don’t have to bother with refining material into any theme or meaning. A record of your happy time is a good enough reason for home video. Relax. You don’t bear any responsibility to others. That’s the feeling I enjoy but seldom have the chance to enjoy!

However, it doesn’t mean home video needs less care. It is your own home video that will make you feel happy and proud of twenty years later. Imagine watching and recalling your life again on the screen when you retire. That would be sweet and enjoyable for me although I haven’t experienced that yet.

And because most authors of home videos are amateur video makers, the overall quality of home videos is relative weak. We’ve been seeing many home videos with shaky camera motion, bad framing, improper cutting, messy sequence… all the time.

Take it seriously. Home movies can be very simple and straightforward. Yet you should apply all the principles and techniques of professional video editing into it. Make sure you can show it proudly to your friends and colleagues. They will beg you how you did it!

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