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DVD Burner Writer Recorder Reviews

The HP DVD Movie Writer dc3000 is the first DVD ReWritable Drive with built-in analog video capture lets you quickly and easily transfer home video directly from tape (via camcorder or VCR) to DVD.

It provides a full suite of software to enable video editing along with photo, music and data applications, and it lets you write and read CD-R and CD-RW discs as well as DVD+R/+RW.

Connected to a desktop or notebook PC through either the USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port, the HP DVD Movie Writer transfers VHS or other analog tapes and creates digital negatives on long-lasting DVD+R/+RW discs.

The DVD Movie Writer also functions as a standard DVD/CD writer to burn music, photos and data to CD and DVD backup program files.

The HP DVD Movie Writer also comes with software to help save data, video or music on DVDs and CDs, including Veritas RecordNow and Simple Backup. SimpleBackup reliably backs up, protects and restores individual files or folders or helps restore an entire PC hard drive. Additionally, Cyberlink PowerDVD software makes it easy to play DVD movies on a PC.

Got 15 minutes? Write a DVD in a flash with the HP DVD writer dvd300i. Its storage capacity is impressive, too: preserve up to 4.7 GB worth of photos, video, and graphics.

  • Write DVDs twice as fast as with earlier technology
  • Edit, share, and preserve video and digital photos
  • Back up information on DVDs and CDs
  • Use one convenient software program, ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD, to capture, author, and edit material
  • Edit a DVD without rewriting the entire disk
  • Download video to portable devices for transporting and giving presentations
  • Reliably back up, protect, and restore files or your entire hard drive
  • Watch DVD movies from the convenience of your own computer
  • Create a photo slide show or album to view on your PC or TV with HP memories disc creator
  • Drag and drop files to CD or DVD from Windows Explorer, or save directly from any application
  • Preserve material longer: 50100 years instead of the 710 years provided by VHS tapes store up to 133 minutes of high-quality video and up to three hours of VHS-quality video on each high-capacity (4.7 GB) DVD+RW media disc

Panasonic DMR-E80HS is the first DVD player with a built-in hard drive recorder, allowing you to record all your favorite shows onto digital disk as well as watch DVDs.

Talk about "all in one" - the Panasonic DMR-E80HS not only records DVDs and stores more than 100 hours of audio/video programming on its built-in memory; it's also a progressive-scan DVD player that also handles your DVDs, CDs, and MP3 recordable discs. With the DMR-E80HS's 80 GB hard drive, it provides up to 104 hours of recording time, plus up to 6 hours on a removable 4.7 GB DVD-RAM disc (in Extended Play mode in each case).

The DMR-E80HS offers the flexibility of recording on both DVD-RAM - perfect for instant chapter access and for multiple rerecordings - as well as DVD-R, widely regarded as the most widely compatible of the many DVD formats (great for sharing camcorder footage with loved ones).

Panasonic's Time Slip feature lets you use your DVD recorder like a personal video recorder, or PVR. Because of DVD-RAM's extremely fast transfer rate, you can view the recorded portion of an ongoing program from the beginning, while still recording the program in progress. In addition to recording new video content, the DMR-E80HS lets you transfer your favorite VHS recordings to durable, space-saving discs. Personal movie libraries and family videos can be archived, preserved, and easily cataloged and accessed. Picture-enhancing technologies include 3D noise reduction, block noise reduction, and mosquito noise reduction.

With the Direct Navigator you can instantly access recorded material from an onscreen menu that lists recording dates, times, channels, and titles. Finding and viewing recorded material is simple because there's no need to search, fast-forward, or rewind. You can even perform simple non-linear video editing, such as rearranging the order of scenes, skipping over unwanted scenes, and creating custom playlists of favorite scenes on a disc.

Capture, edit, and preserve precious memories with the Philips DVDR75 DVD player/recorder. Using the model's extensive inputs - including an i.Link digital video jack - you can transfer and assemble your most treasured camcorder footage, archive old video tapes, or burn video from a PC straight to high-capacity DVD (up to 6 hours per disc side using either DVD+R or DVD+RW).

You can also use the DVDR75 like a VCR, burning televised programs directly to disc using helpful VCR Plus+ programming data. Recording functions include safe record, one-touch record (OTR), track append, track divide, track erase, automatic/manual chapter marker insertion, disc write protection, favorite scene selection, index picture screen for instant content overview, and Selectable Index Pictures.

The DVDR75 is also a first-rate DVD player, featuring progressive-scan video outputs, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel surround sound passthrough, MP3 CD playback (CD-R/CD-RW), and compatibility with most DVD media (including video-mode DVD-R and DVD-RW).

Two sets of left/right analog-audio outputs channel audio to Dolby Pro Logic receivers and stereo televisions. Both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel surround-sound signals can be routed through the player's digital-audio outputs (one each of RCA coaxial and Toslink optical) for direct connection to a full-featured audio/video receiver. If you don't have a surround receiver or six-channel speaker setup, you can still make every movie night the ultimate experience: 3D Surround simulates surround sound through two speakers (even the stereo speakers on a TV).

Panasonic DMR-E100HS features the industry's largest included hard drive - 120 GB.

The Panasonic DMR-E100HS not only records DVDs and holds more than 100 hours of audio/video programming in its built-in memory, it also boasts a built-in SD card slot for reading and writing MPEG2 and MPEG4 video. Now you can copy TV shows or archived video footage to portable media that will play in a laptop, camera, or other device. And guess what? This technological wonder is also a progressive-scan DVD player that's equipped to handle DVDs, CDs, and MP3-encoded discs.

The DMR-E100HS's 120 GB hard drive (HDD) provides up to 150 hours of recording time, plus you can write up to 6 hours of programming to removable 4.7 GB DVD-RAM discs (in Extended Play mode in each case), thanks to Panasonic's original Hybrid VBR (variable bit rate) technology. You get high-speed transfers (22 Mbps) to and from HDD to DVD-RAM, and a quick-record function that rapidly locates a blank section of disc to begin writing to.

Inputs consist of one DV, three composite-video, three S-video, one RF input, and the SD card slot. The IEEE 1394 DV input lets you connect a compatible digital camcorder (via IEEE 1394 cable) and transfer home movies onto either the hard disk or to a DVD-RAM/DVD-R.

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