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The Digital Filmmaking Handbook

Digital/desktop video editing book reviews: The Digital Filmmaking Handbookby Ben Long, Sonja Schenk

Publisher: Charles River Media, 2nd edition, June 2002


This book covers everything you need to know about film/video production, from concept to screening. It's for film/video makers young and old, professional and hobbyist, who want to learn to shoot, edit, and make great movies/videos. The only missing element is film/video itself.

It is a general overview of video/film production and editing. Everything from pre-production tasks such as scripting, storyboarding, and budgeting, to production tasks like set preparation, lighting, filming, and sound recording, through final editing, color correction, titles, rotoscoping, compositing, and output is explained. 

Written by writer, producer, and videographer Ben Long in collaboration with freelance producer and film/video editor Sonja Schenk, The Digital Filmmaking Handbook is an invaluable introduction and guide to the art of digital film/video making.

An included DVD contains media files for the book's tutorials, including over 100 essays on the nuts and bolts of making digital movies/videos, and demo software for the Macintosh and Windows. Additionally, the book offers other references that provide more in depth information on specific subjects.

If you're serious about digital film/video making, and aren't already an expert, this book deserves a place on your shelf.

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