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Professional Avid Video Editing Systems

AvidAvid has a lot going for it, not the least of which is a user interface that's been around so long it's emerged as the de facto industry standard.

Powered by Avid's Meridien Video subsystem, another great benefit of Avid's vast stable of editing choices is the ease with which all Avid products work with all their brothers and sisters around a production facility.

With an industry full of trained editors and freelancers who would not consider working on anything less, Avid has become what IBM was a decade or two ago: Nobody ever got fired for buying Avid. That is, unless you can't afford it.

Avid Media Composer delivers dual-stream compressed and uncompressed 601 images, real time 3D effects plus real time 9-stream hardware multicam and 24P Universal offline editing.

Avid Symphony, capable of real time, multilayer, uncompressed editing and special effects, including color correction, keying, compositing, paint, character generation, 3D effects and audio editing and mixing. Symphony includes the full Media Composer feature set and adds the conforming, real-time finishing and multi-format mastering tools required for high-end film and television editorial work.

Avid Film Composer is the system of choice of editors of virtually every major motion picture today. Providing 23.976P, 24P and 25P Universal offline editing, real-time 3D-FX and precise matchback to every major film format; if you're editing film and not working with an Avid Film Composer, your clients will probably wonder why not.

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