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Dazzle MovieStar 5

Digital / desktop nonlinear video editing software: Dazzle MovieStar 5Dazzle MovieStar 5 is a midrange editing program offering some unique transitions.

MovieStar is based on a three-step editing process: capture, edit, and produce. This method creates a fluid workflow, as editing isn't broken up into multiple stages.

Dazzle MovieStar 5 makes capturing, editing and sharing your video easy, but it doesn't leave out the powerful features you want. MovieStar 5's drag-and-drop interface lets you do almost any video editing task in 3 mouse clicks or less.

With MovieStar 5 you can choose the straightforward Storyboard view to organize your project or you can use the precise Timeline view. Cut out unwanted parts of your video with a few mouse clicks. Add scrolling titles and credits into your video. Add 3D transitions to give your video Hollywood-style cuts between scenes. Choose from a wide range of special effects to spice up your video.

MovieStar 5 supports background rendering, fast rendering and smart rendering to make processing your video fast. And with MovieStar 5's customized video codecs, you can be assured you will get the best video quality possible.

MovieStar also has a flexible titling tool, but the transitions and effects aren't as configurable as the titles are.

MovieStar 5 has a built-in CD burning feature to allow you to record Video CDs and S-Video CDs of all your video footage. But you can't boun DVDs.

Dazzle MovieStar is bundeld with Dazzle DV Editor SE, Digital Video Creator 2, and Hollywood DV Bridge.

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