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Aist MovieDV Suite

MovieDV 4.0 - The perfect introduction to the world of video production

MovieDVsuite 4.0 is a complete video system for your PC. It is bundled with a PCI Firewire (IEEE 1394) card and a cable for connecting your DV camcorder to your PC.

MovieDVsuite 4.0 is the perfect introduction to video, bringing together video editing, animation, and titling in one affordable program. It includes transitions, effects, and audio capabilities for making stunning videos. With its real-time preview, users can see results immediately without rendering.

MovieDV 4.0 features a convenient Storyboard interface for easy editing. Simply drag and drop video clips into the Storyboard. Change order, add transitions, and preview changes in real-time. MovieDV 4.0 supports all major video, image, and audio file formats, and comes bundled with MyDVD authoring software from Sonic and royalty-free audio from Chestnut Mills.

You will receive:

Box, CD with MovieDV video software, PCI FireWire card, connection cable, online help, manual and short instruction for the installation of the PCI card.

  • Robust effects and customizable transitions
  • Storyboard layout for drag and drop editing
  • Standard, Roll, and Marquee Titlers
  • Motion Stabilizer
  • MyDVD™ authoring software
  • Royalty-free audio from Chestnut Mills
  • Editing, compositing, animation and titling in a single program, no more switching between programs.
  • Customizable interface can be adapted to fit any monitor
  • Easy installation of additional plug-ins
  • Professional color correction and keying functions
  • Live preview in real-time
  • Intelli-Rendering: unique, non-destructive rendering. Rendering only takes place where changes have been made, saving time and allowing for greater creative flexibility.
  • A 32 Bit color depth and a resolution of up to 768 x 576 pixels
  • 6 video and 4 audio tracks
  • Automatic Scene Detection and Batch Capturing makes importing the right scenes easy.

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP

Transitions and Effects

Additional effects plug-ins are available

  • Page roll
  • Transparency
  • Users mask
  • Cartoon
  • Color shadow
  • Fresco
  • Glass tiles
  • Poster
  • Blur
  • Sharpen
  • Colored pencil
  • Glowing edge
  • Brightness & contrast
  • Color correction
  • Additional effects plug-ins are available


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