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Aist MoviePack VE

Professional Software At An Affordable Price

MoviePack VE 4.0 gives you all the professional tools you need to produce high-quality videos in one program. It comes packed with effects and transitions. The multiple windows can be customized any way you like. Even buttons can be placed in any order you want. Set up different interfaces for different users. Unlimited audio and layers give you the freedom to turn your most creative ideas into reality.

MoviePack VE 4.0 is a professional tool at an affordable price. It is the perfect application for corporate presentations, informational videos, product demonstrations, television commercials, or even full-length movies. Use MoviePack VE 4.0 to make creative promotional materials on CD or DVD, or create innovative streaming segments for your web site.

Editing, animating, titling, compositing, and audio tools in one powerful program.

Advanced Timeline

The MoviePack VE 4.0 timeline consists of 3 sections - compositing/animation tracks, editing area with A/B transition track, and the audio tracks. There are an unlimited number of video and audio tracks and an unlimited number of video or audio clips in one track. Or use the Storyboard mode for quickly organizing your clips.

Unlimited Possibilities

Now you can see a live preview in real-time in video resolution on an external video monitor, not just computer resolution. And MoviePack VE 4.0 supports multiple monitors for precise editing.

Every effect can be combined together to create unique objects.

Professionals will never outgrow MoviePack VE 4.0. AIST's plug-in architecture ensures that users will always have the latest transitions and effects as soon as they are developed. Moreover, most 3rd party plug-ins work with MoviePack VE 4.0.


  • Editing, compositing, titling, audio, and animation in one customizable interface.
  • Professional color correcting and keying functions
  • Comes with many innovative effects, transitions and selected quality plug-ins like Motion Stabilizer and OLE Client. Additional plug-ins can be added as needed.
  • Real-time previews are software based; no need to buy additional hardware
  • Innovative technologies like Queued Processor Managing and Intelli-Rendering
  • A 32 Bit color depth and a resolution of up to 768 x 576 pixels
  • Unlimited number of video and audio tracks
  • Storyboard Mode
  • Automatic Scene Detection/Batch Capturing
  • DVD Authoring

System requirements

  • Pentium II 400 MHz or compatible processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • OpenGL/Direct 3D graphics card
  • Windows 98/98 SE/ME
  • Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1
  • Windows XP

Innovative Technology

Real-time previews. MoviePack VE 4.0 bypasses the computer processor and uses the graphics card to offer real-time previews. This allows editors to see how proposed changes will look without time-consuming rendering.

Queued Processor Management (QPM), apportions MoviePack VE 4.0's tasks to all available processors simultaneously and equally, rather than to one at a time…even over a LAN.

Intelli-rendering is MoviePack VE 4.0's unique, non-destructive process that renders only where changes have been made, saving time and allowing for greater creative flexibility.

Adaptive Line Mesh Technology (AMT) tightens the warping mesh only where the actual change in the image is being made. This allows for frame-by-frame editing on the fly, and is up to 50 times faster than other programs.

Microsoft Office XP compatibility. These files, such as Microsoft Word or Excel documents, can be imported directly into the timeline. As the original source file is altered, changes are made to the imported file automatically.

Microsoft Windows Media 8.0 support. These files are fully compatible with MoviePack VE 4.0. AIST is the first company to offer input and output support for this versatile format. These files can be imported directly into the timeline for editing. The finished product can then be exported back into Windows Media 8.0 or any other supported file format.

Multiple File Format Support. MoviePack VE 4.0 allows users to mix and preview formats such as Quicktime, AVI, MPEG prior to final output. Import Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files. Final output formats include DVD, MPEG 1 and 2, and Advanced Streaming.

Technical Support. AIST has a trained technical support staff to assist with any technical issues you might encounter. Help is always just a phone call away.


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