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Canopus DVStorm SE

Canopus DVStorm SEIntroducing a real-time DV editing solution that combines an extensive high performance feature set with stability, reliability, and affordability.

The Ultimate DV Editing Experience.
The DVStormSE is the most advanced video editing card on the market today. Based on award winning Canopus Scalable Technology, the DVStormSE is a long-term investment that will give you reliability and productivity for many years to come.

Unmatched Real-time Editing
DVStorm boasts more real time editing capabilities than any other product. DVStorm employs Canopus's Scalable Technology Architecture to provide more features and increased performance as CPU power increases.

Real-time Capabilities

  • 5 real time video tracks
  • 20+ real time title and graphic tracks
  • 24 real time filters (all key-framable) including: Chroma-key, YUV color correction, region filter, old movie, variable speed (slow, fast and reverse) video, blur, picture in picture.

Realtime 2D & 3D Transitions
Canopus Effects Technology deliver broadcast quality transitions with sophisticated customizable options for the most demanding video editor.

Built-in Productivity Means More Creativity.
DVStorm SE increases efficiency by handling video effortlessly and providing powerful built in features including:

  • Legendary Canopus stability and DV device control.
  • Powerful tape scanning & automated logging capabilities.
  • Fast and reliable camera/VTR control for frame accurate clip logging, batch capture, and print-to-tape.
  • Real time audio and video preview capabilities during DV capture.
  • Render-free real time DV output of video, titles, filters and transitions.

Comprehensive Software Tools
DVStormSE comes with a comprehensive suite of software tools for powerful content creation and multi-format media delivery.


  • Scalable Technology: More CPU Power Equals More realtime Capabilities
  • Single PCI bus board
  • DV hardware CODEC on board
  • Real time DV and analog output
  • Real time capturing through DV and
  • Analog (s-video, composite) inputs
  • Output to MPEG1, MPEG2 and streaming video files
  • Frame accurate DV deck control (via 1394 interface) when capturing
  • Real time editing within StormEdit or Adobe Premiere 6.0
  • Real time video tracks, realtime moving titles
  • Real time transitions and filters
  • Content creation software bundle
  • Optional hardware MPEG encoder
  • DVDit! LE authoring software

Included software

  • Canopus' high-performance software CODEC
  • Xplode Basics 3D transitions software
  • StormEdit
  • SoftMPEG
  • Web Video Wizard
  • DVDit LE DVD authoring software
  • Boris Graffiti Ltd. titling
  • Sonic Foundry ACID Style.


  • DVStorm PCI bus card
  • Installation & Drivers CD
  • Installation & User Guide
  • DV cable (6 feet, 4-pin)


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