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Canopus EZDV

Video capture card: Canopus EZDVEditing and finishing your DV or Digital8 movies has never been easier. EZDV allows you to capture and transfer digital video from your camcorder to your computer. When you’ve captured the video you want, the bundled EZEdit lets you cut and trim your video clips, add transitions, create titles and mix in your own audio.

EZDV also includes SmartSound music software which gives you the tools to create your own music, and SoftXplode special effects software for 3D transitions and effects. With SoftXplode you can add a multitude of exciting 3D and alpha effects to your production.

The Canopus EZDV is an easy to use DV editing package that enables you to add transitions, titles and video effects and then output back to digital video. A software MPEG encoder is also included enabling your projects to be encoded into VCD, SVCD or DVD formats. Canopus EZDV is a powerful entry level product with unprecedented video quality and reliability. Based on award winning Canopus Media Technology the Canopus EZDV is a long term investment that will give you reliability and productivity for many years to come.


  • Easy-to-use DV indexing utility (EzNavigator).
  • Easy-to-use Editing software (EzEdit).
  • Fast, high quality Canopus media technology.
  • Edit digital video with ease.
  • Export web video, VCD, SVCD and DVD compatible files
  • Real time preview from timeline in Adobe Premiere
  • 10+ real time title and graphic tracks with Premiere

Edit With Ease

Whilst EZDV is entry level DV editor and you will be editing your video in a very short time with simple install wizard, the EZDV is packed with professional and powerful features including:

  • Legendary Canopus stability and DV device control.
  • Powerful tape scanning & automated logging capabilities.
  • Fast and reliable camera/VTR control for frame accurate clip logging, batch capture, and print-to-tape.
  • Real time audio and video preview capabilities during DV capture.
  • Create DVD compatible or web streaming files with ease.

Bundled Software

  • EZEdit--- a high speed, high quality video editing program, EZEdit lets you batch capture clips from your video tape, assemble them in the timeline, add transitions, titles and effects and output your final production back to your DV camera or deck. EZDV also incorporates high quality filtering and image enhancement for still image capture.
  • EZNavigator---a simple cataloging software, EZNavigator automatically scans your tapes and creates a clip catalog. After finishing your catalog you can arrange and save the list and then batch capture the clips you need into your production.
  • SmartSound--create your own music for your video story lines. SmartSound has a very simple interface that will have you creating musical themes, from easy listening jazz to rock and roll, in no time.
  • SoftXplode -- a high performance, easy to use, software DVE engine, SoftXplode adds high-speed 2D and 3D video effects to your video production. It includes 28 transition groups with 231 preset transitions. The keyframer has a number of presets like bounce, pause half way, slow-down, speed-up and step-wise-bounce, so you can ‘fly’ in or ‘bounce’ video clips during a transition.You can also customize and save your keyframed effects into the preset list.


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